Rigid Filters Box

A Rigid Filter Box is an air filtration device that uses a rigid frame to hold a filter element in place and is commonly used in HVAC systems and industrial processes to remove contaminants from the air. Sales & Customer Service Inquiries (302) 455-0551


Medium and High Efficiency Extended Surface Air Filters

Koch Filter’s Multi-Cell is a high efficiency, extended surface air filter designed for use in HVAC applications of all types. Its rigid construction makes it a superior filter in variable air volume (VAV) systems or in any application where extreme conditions require additional filter strength and reliability.

  • Three efficiency ranges
  • Multiple frame and header options
  • Designed for variable air volume (VAV) systems

Multi-Flo Series G

Microfiberglass, Extended Surface Rigid Air Filter

Koch Filter’s Multi-Flo is a rigid, extended surface air filter that is engineered to provide medium and high-efficiency air filtration with long filter lifecycles.

Because of its rugged metal and plastic frame construction, the Multi-Flo is capable of operating in a wide variety of air handling systems and is an excellent product for variable air volume (VAV) applications where changes in airflow might render a non-rigid filter ineffective.

These filters are available in a single-header or non-header configuration, making them easy to install in any side access or front access housing. Each filter is completely disposable and is furnished and ready for installation.

  • Low-pressure drop
  • Reduces energy cost
  • UL rated
  • Durable plastic internal supports
  • MERV 10 – 15 performance rating
  • High-efficiency synthetic or microfiberglass media
  • Rigid construction for variable-air-volume systems

DuraMAX 2v

High Efficiency Minipleat Filter

Koch Filter’s DuraMAX 2v is an extended surface air filter engineered to provide maximum performance with prolonged filter lifecycles. These filters are commonly used in office buildings, hospitals, paint booths, gas turbine/power generation, and various other commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Designed to replace almost any competitive high-efficiency air filter on today’s market, the DuraMAX 2v’s lightweight all-plastic frame installs easily into side-access housings or front-load holding frames, and is an ideal choice to replace bag filters and other box-style rigid filters.

  • MERV 11-15 performance rating
  • High efficiency mini pleat (65%, 75%, 85%, 55% and 98%)
  • High efficiency microfiberglass or synthetic media
  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Light weight plastic, extremely rigid frame
  • Superior dust holding and prolonged filter life
  • UL rated
  • Incinerable

DuraMAX 4v

High Capacity Extended Surface Minipleat Filter

The DuraMAX 4v is a rigid, extended surface air filter that is engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles, even in the most difficult environments. Its durable, rugged construction makes it a great choice for filtration systems with high velocities or variable air volume (VAV). Constructed with an all-plastic frame, it is easily incinerated after use.

The DuraMAX 4v provides an unequaled combination of low-pressure drop and high efficiency through our unique minipleat design, ensuring a low pressure drop, which can aid in lowering energy costs to the building owner. Another benefit of the increased media area is extremely high dust-holding capacity, which significantly prolongs the service life of the filter. Fewer filter changes translate into substantially reduced maintenance and disposal costs.

  • MERV 11-15 performance rating
  • High efficiency microfiberglass or synthetic media
  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduced energy cost
  • 194 square feet of media (24x24x12)
  • Incinerable
  • Light-weight plastic, extremely rigid frame
  • Superior dust holding and prolonged filter life

LoadTECH® Filters MERV 14

High-Efficiency 4-Inch Extended Rigid Cell Filters with E-Pleat® Media Technology

Parker LoadTECH® high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) HVAC filters feature proprietary E-Pleat® media technology to hold two times the dust as conventional rigid cell style filters. The 4-inch design offers the same filtration performance as a 12-inch filter but in a much smaller envelope, resulting in simplified handling plus reduced storage space requirements and shipping costs. Ideal for variable air volume systems

• Proprietary E-Pleat media technology efficiently directs airflow through the filter
• Exclusive gold synthetic media with embossed design holds two times more dust
• Media resists tearing, damage, moisture, and microbial growth
• Longer filter life and fewer filter changeouts with higher dust-holding capacity
• 12-inch filter performance in a compact 4-inch design

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