Filters to Mitigate Smoke, Particles, and Pollutants

The importance of mitigating smoke, particles, and pollutants cannot be overstated in an era where environmental health is increasingly intertwined with our personal well-being. These invisible yet pervasive threats can significantly impact our health, productivity, and overall quality of life. However, we can effectively combat these issues with the right tools and strategies. This is where Koch Industries, a global leader in innovative solutions, comes into play. This guide will delve into the world of Koch products, specifically designed to tackle these environmental challenges. From high-efficiency HVAC filters to advanced odor control systems, Koch’s diverse product range offers practical and effective solutions for improving air quality and promoting healthier living environments.

As we navigate the complexities of air quality management, we must have reliable tools at our disposal. Koch Industries, renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality, offers various products to tackle air quality issues. These products, ranging from HVAC filters to odor control systems, are engineered with precision and efficiency in mind. They are tailored to meet diverse needs, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. In the following section, we will delve into the specifics of these Koch products, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their features and benefits. This will serve as a guide to help you choose the right Koch filters for your specific needs.

Kotch™ Multi-Pleat Series

The Kotch Multi-Pleat Series is a line of pleated panel filters that are designed to mitigate smoke, particles, and pollutants. The MERV rating of the Multi-Pleat XL8 is 8 and 8-A performance rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2012. The Multi-Pleat Green13 is a high-efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies than standard pleated filters. The Green 13 is a sustainable component of green building development. The Multi-Pleat Elite has a MERV 8 performance rating and self-supporting pleats that require no metal reinforcement. It has low resistance to airflow, which reduces energy costs, and a moisture-resistant beverage board frame. It is completely incinerable.

Multi Pleat Series

MicroMAX™ PL2S

The Kotch MicroMAX PL2S is an extended surface, mini-pleat air filter engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles in all types of commercial and industrial HVAC applications. The MicroMAX PL2S is available in MERV 14, MERV 13, and MERV 11 efficiency when tested in accordance to ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2017. The new media design allows for compact pleat spacing that produces a low initial pressure drop while maximizing the media area in the filter.

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OderKleen™ 200 M13

The Kotch OdorKleen 200 M13 is a filter that offers superior performance in gaseous and odor adsorption and excellent particulate filtration. It contains 200 gsm of granular activated carbon and a MERV 13 filtration layer. The efficiency layer used to capture particulate contaminants comprises a polyester blend. Combining the two distinct media gives the OdorKleen 200 M13 an efficiency rating of MERV 13 while maintaining a low-pressure drop, unlike competitors’ products.

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OdorKleenTM 200 High Efficiency MERV 13 Carbon/Alumina Pleated Filter


Kotch DuraKleen is a high-efficiency gas phase filter that removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemicals, and contaminants. It has small mesh size carbon for high efficiency and uses Celbond Particulate Structure (CPS) Technology. It has more odor-catching surface area with less weight and low-pressure drop. The DuraKleen gas phase adsorber offers superior performance in gas and odor applications where ultra-high efficiencies are required.

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DuraKleen Filter


Kotch DuraPURE is an extended surface carbon filter that utilizes premium grade granular 60% activated carbon. Its unique V-shaped frame holds up to 26 pounds of activated carbon in a single 24x24x12 filter, ensuring maximum VOC and odor removal in any commercial or industrial application.

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DuraPURE Extended Surface Activated Carbon Filter

OdorKleen™ 600

OdorKleen 600 offers superior performance in gaseous and odor adsorption and excellent particulate filtration. This “combination” product contains 592 gsm of granular activated carbon and activated alumina impregnated with potassium permanganate carbon attached to a high-efficiency polyester media.

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OdorKleen 600 High Efficiency MERV 10 Carbon/Alumina Pleated Filter

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