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HVAC Belts

We stock a wide variety of HVAC belts: v-belts and serpentine belts.

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Portable, Self-Contained HEPA Filtration Systems

ENVIRCO IsoClean® 400/800 HEPA Filtration System

Engineered to provide the optimum combination of efficient HEPA air cleaning and a large number of room air changes per hour to minimize the spread of airborne diseases. The IsoClean 400 comes equipped with a hospital-grade HEPA filter that has an efficiency of 99.99%. The unit can be set up in three modes: 100% recirculation, 100% exhaust (negative pressure), and partial exhaust. The prefilter and HEPA filter are easily accessible for quick and easy replacement. Easy to use and move, the IsoClean 400 fits easily in areas with limited floor space.

National Air Filtration Association (NAFA)

As a proud member of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA), Filters Unlimited offers a range of exclusive benefits to our valued customers. By being part of NAFA, we gain access to expert knowledge, industry insights, and training programs, ensuring that our customers receive accurate information and reliable air filtration solutions. Our commitment to high-quality standards, combined with our participation in industry networking, enables us to provide superior products and stay at the forefront of advancements in air filtration. Through NAFA’s resources and advocacy efforts, we enhance our ability to offer optimal air quality solutions to our customers. At Filters Unlimited, our NAFA membership signifies our dedication to excellence and guarantees that our customers receive the best air filtration products and services available.

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